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“[PSA] worked with CenterPoint Energy Purchasing, Transmission and Distribution Engineering, local distributors, and competitors to locate stock throughout the country, schedule emergency production and find suitable alternatives for insulators, pole line hardware, clamps, and connectors.”

- CenterPoint Energy

“We appreciate the tandem storm support and partnership from Indel & [PSA] as your performance enables our sales and operations team to provide deliverables to our customers each and every day – especially during a storm. I firmly believe we outshone our competitors and you both were big proponents in our performance.”

- Irby Utilities

“Thank you and Preferred Sales for your unparalleled support of OG&E during this year’s storm season. Valmont, AFL, and MacLean all came through for OG&E. We know that you and Preferred Sales are a huge part of that performance.”

- OG&E

“Thank you, Preferred Sales, and MacLean for helping to resolve our delivery concerns. Successful project completion requires good partners.”

- Anixter Power Systems