The Best Recloser for Your O&M Budget

Published on August 16, 2021

Client Problem: 

O&M costs of automated reclosers are high.  Batteries need to be replaced every few years, which is expensive.  Opening the reclosers more often also raises safety and reliability concerns.


Southern States reclosers feature a 10 year lithium ion battery which more than doubles the life of other reclosers available. Also, the reclosers include operational and safety features that no other unit can match.


    • Built-in visual fault indicators
    • Replaceable tempered glass domes
    • Wildlife protection guards
    • Surge protection as a standard
    • 900A continuous current
    • 6 built-in voltage sensors
    • Optional 90 degree rotated end phases


Click on the video link to learn more and then schedule your own demonstration trailer visit to really understand its value!