Who are we?

We’re one of the leading manufacturer’s representatives in the nation, offering professional sales and support coverage across the Southwestern US.

Founded in 1981, we’ve carried our reputation of diligence, integrity, and dependability through a quarter century of growth.

Our History

Preferred Sales Agency is one of the leading manufacturers’ representative organizations in the nation, with professional sales and support coverage of the great Southwestern U. S. A.

Preferred Sales Agency represents some of the very finest and most respected manufacturers in the industry.

Preferred Sales was founded in 1981 and has rapidly grown to be the premier electrical utility rep in the industry. The reputation we’ve built over the past quarter century is one of integrity, diligence, and dependability. Our people are our greatest assets and our core beliefs & mission statement serve as our roadmap.


Our Mission Statement

Preferred Sales Agency, Ltd.’s mission is to provide quality professional services, innovative solutions, and growth opportunities for all those that depend upon us, including our manufacturers, our customers, our employees, and our community.  We are committed to excellence, and we will accomplish our objectives by stressing honesty, integrity, and diligence, remembering that we exist to serve others.


What makes us different?

The "4 P's" of Preferred Sales Agency

Our Philosophy

We strive to be the very best at what we do. We want to go the extra mile for our manufacturers and our customers, and we do whatever we can to provide outstanding service.

Our Principles

We are dedicated to the idea that we can achieve "Win-Win" scenarios for our customers and our factories. The only
truly long-term arrangements are those that benefit both parties in the business relationship. We know that we can
accomplish these relationships by conducting ourselves as professional, honest, and dependable business people.

Our People

No company is any better than its people. We have the BEST people! Our outside sales force has over 500 years of
combined experience in the electrical business. We have experts in wire & cable, transformers, insulators, meters,
lightning arresters, anchoring, equipment, pole line hardware, compression tools, utility lighting, switchgear, poles,
formed wire products, and many other areas. Our inside sales team is very customer oriented, friendly, and prompt
to respond. Our employees like their occupations, and take pride in doing a great job for both our customers and
our factories.

Our Performance

It is not enough to have the right philosophy, the right principles, and the right people. A company must perform.
Therein lies our strength - we can perform. Nobody is better at looking out after our principals' interest, getting approvals,
calling on customers, building long term relationships, servicing the account after the sale, keeping the customer happy
and working to solve problems than Preferred Sales Agency. Ask any of our customers. We can make a difference.
In many cases, we are the difference!