What's New at Southern States:


Southern States increases utility systems reliability by delivering next generation switching, automation, and protection solutions built on a century of service and customer care.

Smart Sectionalizer

The Southern States Smart Sectionalizer™, type SLS, is an economical, distribution class vacuum switching device that can drastically improve restoration and outage times when there is a loss of power. It is also compatible with other manufactures’ protection relays that can offer recloser functionalities. These include SEL 351R4, SEL 651RA, and SEL 651R2.


Tertiary RLSwitcher®  (RLS38T)

Southern States’ success has recently led to the development of our new RLS38T, an RLSwitcher® designed specifically for transformer Tertiary connected shunt reactors rated 15.5kV and 38kV. The RLS38T’s unique contact set helps address the need for high switching current (up to 3000A) required at lower voltages. By minimizing re-ignitions and maintaining contact life, it provides increased life and reliability for utilities.

Transmission Line Switching Solutions

Southern States supplies a wide offering of Transmission Switching solutions in response to an increasing need for improved system reliability and reduced installation times. This range of solutions includes the ES-1 1-way, 2-way, and 3-way phase-over-phase side break switches as well as unitized designs suited for the vast majority of switch types. Recent innovations include integrated solutions such as the “Substation in the Sky” as well as Transmission FDIR, a fault detection, isolation, and restoration solution that utilizes Southern States patented ICS® sensors.

Mobile Innovations

Inside the walls of Southern States’ recently expanded Service Building, a team of expert engineers and technicians are hard at work fabricating, designing, and assembling mobile trailers for circuit switchers, racking mechanisms, turn tables, and much more. Its advanced manufacturing facility utilizes specialized resources and consults local network experts to create the most effective, technological mobile equipment available on the market.