Innovation & Overhead Distribution:


   All distribution systems are not created equal. Before deciding on what type of utility pole to purchase, evaluate your system’s unique requirements. Consider the longer spans needed for highway crossings, the installation and maintenance required for remote installations, right of way issues, developer or city-mandated aesthetic considerations, special technical situations and budgetary restraints. It is likely that steel poles can provide an economical solution to your distribution needs.

   The steel distribution pole is an engineered product. Each steel pole is designed to meet specific strength and load requirements. Under strict requirements they are tested for tolerances and the result is an extremely strong and reliable product with uniform dimensions and strength, but without twists, knots, splits or bows.

   Through design the steel pole is at least 30 percent lighter than a wood pole and by being a lighter product can reduce the cost of transportation, handling, and construction. Steel poles can be factory pre-drilled to the customer’s specification which minimizes the time in the field.

   A steel distribution poles is a value- added product.

Here’s why:
. Increased reliability and lower installed cost
. Less maintenance, reduce labor cost
. Customize for specific applications
. Resistant to fires, pest and rot
. Choice of finishes either galvanized, paint over galvanized or weathering steel
. Environmentally sound, 100 percent recyclable with no toxic chemicals

There is safety in steel

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