Signs, Markers, Tags, & Asset Tracking:

PSA offers solutions for all of your marking and tagging needs.  Our relationship with William Frick allows us to provide light & heavy duty labels and decals suitable for use in any type of environment. Frick can also provide fully customized nameplates and security tags in a variety of materials, as well as ANSI, UL, or DOT safety signs and markers.

In addition to standard signs and tags, Frick is also a leader in RFID tagging.  Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) allows data to be stored in a tag for use in asset tracking or inventory management.  Frick has the ability to make RFID tags in all different shapes & sizes, as well as with coatings that are suitable for all environments.  RFID tags can be magnetic, weldable, and even embedded in pallets or concrete to accommodate any type of application.

PSA also represents suppliers of RFID-enabled data solutions like Sustainable Management Systems.  Fully customizable systems can be designed for asset tracking from manufacturing through installation, and can be used throughout product life.  Such RFID systems provide revolutionary advances in inspection, maintenance, and inventory management processes resulting in time and money savings throughout the product life cycle.

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