What's New at MacLean Power Systems:


   Maclean Power Systems is a leading manufacturer of products used by utilities for building transmission and distribution lines and substations.  MPS product families include hardware and connection products as well as insulations and protection products.  With global raw material sourcing capabilities, MPS produces over 10,000 items in nine manufacturing facilities worldwide, six of which, are in the United States.  Complimentary to Maclean’s existing product basket and a representative of the company’s progression of becoming a full-line global supplier, we’ve highlighted Maclean’s refocused and latest offerings.


What's New at MPS
New for 2014 brochure
Formed Wire Catalog
Equipment Mounts
Cluster Mounts
Primary Metering Mounts
Cutout Brochure G2P
TR 13-007 Crossarm Total Test Report